Return Policy

Consumer Return Policy 
Your Right to Return
Your right to return goods is protected under your local jurisdiction.
• In the European Union, you can refer to the EU Distance Selling Directive.
• In the USA, return & refund laws vary from state to state; you can find guidance at
• In the UK, business obligations are outlined at GOV.UK
• In Canada, you can consult the Office of Consumer Affairs.
Return Claims 
If you purchased through an authorized merchant:
• Please contact the original merchant to return the product.
• The merchant’s return policy will apply. 
• If the merchant’s return period has expired but the product is still under warranty with Powertraveller, please contact our Customer Support to discuss. Proof of purchase will be required.
• If the product has already been returned to the merchant then we will not be able to help.We recommend you contact your credit card company to check if your benefits include return protection.

If you purchased directly from Powertraveller: 
• Document the fault as soon as you become aware of it, and get in touch with us as soon as possible.
• Contact Customer Support at to troubleshoot and/or request a return.
• All returns must be requested, and terms agreed upon, before the product is returned.
• Customer Support will send you a form to fill out, and advise you where to ship the return.
• The returned item must be accompanied by this filled-out form, and proof of purchase.
• The item must be received by us within two weeks of the agreement to return.
We will process the return within two weeks of our receipt.
• No-fault returns – original packaging required, including all parts as supplied, in a re-saleable condition. Faulty returns – original packaging preferred.
• Items with a Li-Ion battery are not accepted by the regular postal service, and must be returned via courier approved to ship dangerous goods.
• All returned items must ship with associated tracking. 
• If the returned item is found to be faulty, we will send you a replacement. No charge for replacement shipping. Depending on the circumstances, product refund may be issued instead; Customer Support will advise you.
• We reserve the right to make changes to return terms, but only as necessary and we will keep you advised.

Limited Consumer Warranty


We guarantee your continued satisfaction. You are entitled to expect that your goods, if properly cared for, will remain fit for purpose for a reasonable length of time.

In support of this guarantee, we recommend that you check whether your new purchase is properly functional out-of-box by fully charging Li-Ion batteries within the first week, and at least once every 3 - 4 months thereafter to monitor performance.

To preserve the life expectancy and ensure the warranty for your Powertraveller product, please check the product documentation for specific care instructions. For battery products, please refer to our Battery Care Sheet, and also see below “How to care for your Powertraveller battery”.

Feel free to contact Customer Support at if you have any questions about warranty coverage or technical support. 

Your Consumer Rights

Powertraveller sells products all over the world, and the legal requirements for warranties and returns are different in every jurisdiction. Ultimately, the rights you have in your applicable jurisdiction take precedent.  Your local consumer rights organization can advise you.

Limitations and Exclusions

Nothing in this warranty limits or affects your legal rights.  This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

The duration and circumstances of our stated warranty are limited to the timeframes and conditions listed under our Returns Policy (see below).  The implied warranty is limited to the duration of the stated warranty.  Incidental and/or consequential damages are excluded from this warranty. That said, some jurisdictions do not allow the limitation of duration of warranty, or the exclusion/ limitation of incidental/consequential damages; so these limitations and exclusions may not apply to you

This warranty is limited to Powertraveller products purchased directly from us. We reserve the right to determine how to resolve a warranty issue (replacement, repair, exchange, credit or refund).

For Powertraveller products purchased through an authorized merchant, the merchant’s warranty coverage will apply. If you are unable to resolve a warranty issue through your merchant, please contact us to discuss.

Coverage is available only to the original consumer purchaser, and is not transferable to any subsequent owner. Private sales, auctions, secondhand goods or demo/sample units are not covered.

Please note that custom-branded items may not be replaceable with the same branding, and so may be replaced with non-branded items at our discretion.

All products must ship with tracking. Warranty claims for shipping damage or loss are limited to product shipped on Powertraveller’s account. If product has shipped on another account, then the courier is liable for any damage or loss incurred while in transit. 

Operating the product outside its intended use will void its warranty. This includes servicing by a 3rd party, or any other modification without our permission. In order to assure your coverage, please refer to and abide by the product care instructions and guidance.

To prevent counterfeit or stolen goods from entering our supply chain, the warranty will not apply to untraceable product, i.e., where the serial# has been removed, modified or defaced.

We do not warranty post-delivery loss or theft, normal or abnormal wear and tear, damage through misuse / accident / act of God, or fraudulent claims.

If you purchased the product using a credit card, it is possible you may be covered under your card’s purchase protection benefits for accidental damage, loss or theft. Some credit cards may also offer extended warranty and return protection. Contact your credit card provider to find out the extent of your benefits.


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