Guy Bolton

Red Bull X-Alps 2019

October 30, 2019 1 min read

Red Bull X-Alps is hailed as the world’s toughest adventure race. With each edition, competitors from around the globe arrive in Austria for a grueling test of the body and mind. From Salzburg, they make their way only by foot and paraglider to Monaco, navigating 1138 km of treacherous alpine terrain. Often covering distances of 100km per day, sometimes more, athletes must combine skill and strategy, while overcoming injury and fatigue. Many will accept defeat and drop out before the end, but a select few will stop at nothing to reach the finish line. 

Guy followed the race and captured some incredible photography. We supplied Guy with a Powergorilla and a Falcon 40 to help him stay charged on-the-go and without being limited to a charge of a battery.

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